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The present study aims to identify the differences in the entrepreneurial ecosystems of GCC and India. Special attention is given to certain attributes and components within the ecosystems that make the individual ecosystems work. To compare the ecosystems of GCC and India, different databases were used to understand of the two regions and their entrepreneur ecosystems. The results indicate that the best feature of the GCC entrepreneurial ecosystem is its connection with the oil-based market, where GCC entrepreneurs benefit from numerous potentials and help the government. GCC Governments support entrepreneurs and initiate financing to explore business in foreign market. However, the best feature in their ecosystem is the physical and service infrastructure. In addition, cultural support for entrepreneurship is high in India. Nevertheless, the present research proposes proposing that this measurement is not representation for the actual situation. This analogy reflects an indication of both regions support to entrepreneurship and thereby providing an environment for ecosystems. The study recommends that future research should address the effect of cultural and political differences on measurement scores.

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