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Child birth is a natural phenomenon which is required to develop a society. Controlled population growth is a boon for any developing country and taking care of it is the prime responsibility of the concerned government. Unfortunately, in India, child mortality had been a real curse for decades and there were no concrete models which could estimate the number of surviving children in a given time period. In the recent times, lots of initiatives have been taken by the government and other agencies for controlling the fast growing population and at the same time to reduce child mortality. Few of probability models are available to study the variation in the number of births to a female under varying sets of assumptions, but a very little work has been done to find out the distribution of number of surviving children out of the births in a given period of time. Hence, it is necessary to develop a probability model which could explain the distribution of number of surviving children apart from deriving the distribution of number of births. This paper attempts to develop a probability model for number of surviving children, using discrete probability distributions.

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