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Kingdom of Bahrain


The aim of this study is to identify the feasibility of investment in HR training to develop employee’s performance in the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is attributed to the demographic variables. The study sample consisted of (109) employees in administrative and financial affairs at the secondary education schools in the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They were randomly selected. The study relied on the analytical descriptive approach, restricting the training courses as well as monitoring the results of the performance evaluation according to the study samples factual performance evaluation forms for years (2013-2017). The results of analysis show that the statistical value of (T. test), which measures the change of investment before and after HR training, reached (8.594), which is statistically significant at (α ≥ 0.01), with significant influences between the development of the performance of the study sample before and after the investment in HR training, moreover there are statistically significant influences due to genders, experience and the job occupied, while there were no statistically significant influences with age and qualification variables. The most important study recommendation was to develop the training programs that enable the HR Department and the Department of Vocational Training and Development, in the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to develop the performance of employees by identifying the feasibility of investing in training, which address deficiencies and imbalances.

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