Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aimed to assess the role of youth rehabilitation programs in the Palestinian Ministry of Labor in achieving sustainable development "Analytical Study -Ministry of Labor in the Gaza Strip", The researchers used the descriptive and analytical method, due to its relevance to the nature of the analytical study, and the method of content analysis was also adopted, By analyzing the content of a set of documents and reports issued by the relevant government agencies, The data were somehow reorganized and analyzed according to the objectives of the study, Significant indicators were obtained after analyzing the published documents, The most important results that most professional training programs and temporary operation provided by the Ministry of Labor Youth does not rely primarily on government budgets, but on foreign aid, it was found that vocational and technical training in the labor market is inconsistent with sustainable development paths, as it is mainly dependent on external grants, it has become clear that the vocational training programs for young people in the Ministry of Labor do not coverall aspects of technical education and training with modern technology, t was also found that there is a big gap between training and rehabilitation programs for youth and achieving sustainable development in Gaza due to the mismatch between market needs and vocational education outcomes, especially in modern technological technologies