مجلة جامعة الإمارات للبحوث القانونية UAEU LAW JOURNAL


This study deals with an important issue, which is the legal value of the judicial principles issued by the High Courts of Law within the UAE judicial system. This very important issue is connected to the rights of litigants. The study is conducted within the civil part of the litigation process. Two main laws are illustrated in this study, which are both the UAE Federal Civil Procedures Law, according to the amendment made to it in 2018, and the UAE Federal Law Regulating the judicial relations between federal and local judicial authorities, which was recently enacted. Both laws added new ideas that were adopted for the first time in the UAE law. High Courts of Law in the UAE law are four courts in number. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, the study is divided into two sections; the first section deals with the definition of the High Courts of Law in the judicial jurisdiction of the UAE. It also addresses the definition of judicial principles issued by these courts. The second part of the study, in turn, deals with the legal value of the judicial principles issued by the High Courts of Law in the light of the above two mentioned laws. The study ends at adopting several recommendations, which are of high importance in achieving a higher level of justice



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