Sohag Journal of Education المجلة التربوية بسوهاج


The study was designed to identify the impact of using Edmodo through mobile devices on learning and access to information. To achieve the purpose of the study the researcher followed a semi-experimental approach, and the study community consisted of all Princess Nourah University students. While the sample consisted of 48 students, the study utilized a questionnaire that consists of 29 articles to collect research data.
The main findings of the study indicated that using Edmodo via mobile devices has a significant impact on learning, as well as access to information. Based on these findings the study recommends making use of the affordances of Edmodo in education and mobile learning. In addition to activating all Edmodo features to increase its impact on the educational process. And finally the study recommends focusing on mobile learning as one of the most important applications of e-learning.

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