Zagazig University Medical Journal


Background:In recent years, the assessment of right ventricular function by tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) has been established as a common approach to detect preclinical abnormalities of cardiac function and has also been proposed as a reliable predictor of prognosis.Patient and Methods :We studied 114 patients with end stage renal failure on regular hemodialysis through permanent brachial arterio venous fistula (AVF). and divide them into two groups(case and control group) were compared regarding to clinical and echocardiographic data. Results:No statistically significant differences were found among the groups regarding age and gender, there was statistical significance difference between the two groups in all risk factors (P < 0.01) except for Smoking there was no significant statistical difference, Among HD RV dimensions were significantly larger (Basal level – Mid level – Longitudinal length) compared to control group (P < 0.01) ).Doppler Tie index was significantly higher in HD patients with mean value of (0.56±0.12) when compared to control group (0.36±0.032) with (P value < 0.001), denoting significantly more depressed RV function in HD patients.Conclusions:Myocardial Performance index (tie index) and S wave measured by tissue Doppler are simple and quick parameters that can used in HD patients to asses global right ventricular function with good accuracy.Both parameters not affected by right ventricular geometry and have the advantage of simultaneously recording both systolic and diastolic velocity patterns .Key words:Right ventricular function , Hemodialysis ,echocardiography



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