Zagazig University Medical Journal


AbstractBackground: All oral direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) effectively treat chronic hepatitis C infection (HCV) and widely used for patients with compensated cirrhosis. However, data regarding their safety and efficacy in patients with decompensated cirrhosis are insufficient .Aim: to test efficacy, safety and outcome of DAAs in the treatment of decompensated HCV related cirrhotic patients (CTP-B). Patients and Methods:prospective study among 62 chronic HCV cirrhotic patients, divided into two groups. Group I(the study group) included 32 patients with CTP-B treated for 12 weeks by sofosbuvir (SOF) 400 mg once daily plus Daclatasvir (DCV) 60 mg once daily plus Ribavirin (RBV) with initial dose 600 mg /day), while group II (the control group) included 30 patients with CTP-A treated by (SOF 400 mg once daily + DCV 60 mg once daily +RBV dosed according to body weight) for 12 weeks. According to the National Committee for control of viral hepatitis (NCCVH). Follow up after end of treatment (EOT) for 24weeks so the total period of the study 36 weeksResults: cases achieved SVR in Group I: 93.75% and in group II:100%, Liver parameters were improved from baseline to 24 weeks after end of treatment. The most common adverse effects were anemia, no patients died by the end of the study, but one case 3.1% in group I stopped treatment due to severe complications.Conclusion:Treatment with DAAs in patients with CTP-B is effective and safe, but patients remain at risk of life-threatening complications as HCC and liver-related morbidity.



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