Zagazig University Medical Journal


Aim & objectives: to improve ankylosing spondylitis (AS) treatment outcomes by clarifying the impact of biological medication adherence on their treatment outcomes, quality of life, and work productivity. Patients and methods: Sixty -six patients with AS were included according to eligibility criteria recruited from the Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Department at Zagazig University Hospitals(ZUH) and insurance hospital. Patients characteristics are collected. Biologics medication adherence was evaluated by the Compliance Questionnaire on Rheumatology (CQR). Disease activity and treatment response outcome measures were recorded at baseline of biologics, after 6 months,s and after one year. Results: Insurance, education, employment, and early diagnosis are the modifiable factors which can increase adherence to biologics drugs in adherent cases ASDAS CRP, ASDAS ESR, and BASADI were significantly decreased after 6 months and highly significantly decreased after 12 months. BASFI & BASMI were significantly decreasing after 12 months, frequency of overall work and activity impairment was decreased after 6 months but after 12 months the decrease became significant with percent of the reduction in both more than 50%. Also AS quality of life (ASQOL), significantly decreased after 6 months and 12 months. In non -adherent there was a significant increase in ASQOL score after 12 months Conclusion: Biological therapy adherence leads to control of disease activity confirmed by the percentage of change in activity parameters after 6 months and highly significant change after 12 months of follow up especially BASMI in addition to improvements of work productivity and activity impairment and overall health-related quality of life.



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