Zagazig University Medical Journal


Background: Diabetes mellitus is a public and progressively more important chronic disease worldwide. Diabetic foot disease is one of the diabetes complications which most serious and costly. Aim: Improvement of quality of life for diabetic patients and decreasing the rate of lower limb amputation. Objectives: To examin foot status clinically and to identify foot risk category of patients with diabetes. Patients and Methods: A cross sectional study was done on 266 diabetic patients at diabetic and vascular clinics in Zagazig university hospitals.The study was done by filling a questionnaire about socio-demographic data, clinical local foot examination for all diabetic patients. Results: The largest percentage of the studied patients were males(62.8%), aged less than 60 years old (62.4%), had education up to level of basic and secondary school education (72.9%), non-workers(28.6%), married(83.1%), with moderate-income (48.9%) and were current smokers(71.1%).On clinical examination of those patients, the largest percentage had abnormal skin(58.6%), absent sweating(54.9%), present fungal foot infection (53.4%), absent sensation has done by10g monofilament test, pinprick test(60.9%)and amputation (15.4%) and most of them had a very high risk of diabetic foot disease. Conclusions: Most of the patients were categorized had a high risk of diabetic foot(68%).It was significantly associated with low education status, prolonged disease duration, insulin treatment, smoking, presence of callus, fungal infections. So we need foot care education for diabetic patients for a high quality of life and improve their awareness of foot care and self-management.



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