Zagazig University Medical Journal


objectives: to compare between transurethral en-block ho-yag laser enucleation andtransurethral resection for papillary bladder cancer.methods: this is a prospective randomized study, carried out at urology department,zagazig university hospitals during the period from 15/7/2017 to 15/2/2018. aimed tocompare between laser en-block enucleation and monopolar tubrt for papillarybladder cancer as regard intraoperative outcomes (perforation , obturator jerk andbleeding ) and post operative outcomes ( wash time ,catheter time , hospital stay,blood transfusion ,residual )results: we studies 52 patients randomized in two groups, group for Ho-yag laser enblock enucleation and group for monopolar TURBT. We found that Ho-Yag laser wassuper to TURBT in term of intraoperative complications and postoperativeconclusions:Laser enucleation appear to be reliable procedure with many advantagesover monopolar TURBT , despite it need longer resection time ,it reduce intraoperativecomplications and post operative complications , it preserve tumor histologicalarchitecture and gives better tumor staging , it allow to remove the tumor completelyfrom it’s bed so decrease the probability of local persistence of malignant tissue andincidence of tumor recurrence .



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