Zagazig University Medical Journal


Background: Vestibular neuritis is an acute unilateral peripheral vestibular disease without other signs of brain stem involvement. A comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment of VN patients including history and vestibular function tests holds great promise for more effective diagnosis. The video head impulse test (vHIT) assesses the vestibulo-occular reflex (VOR) by using a video-assisted examination of the impulsive maneuver. We studied the results vHIT in normal population versus vestibular neuritis patients .Subjects and methods: A case control study was conducted in Audio-vestibular medicine unit, Department of ENT, Zagazig University Hospitals. 24 patients with vestibular neuritis were included. vHIT was done.Results: We calculated gain, gain asymmetry in the study group and compare the results with control group.Conclusion: vHIT is the only test that assesses all sixsemicircular canals independently and with a physiologicalstimulus, similar to how the patient uses the vestibular ocular reflex system in daily life.Keywords: vestibular neuritis,VOR, vHIT.



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