Zagazig University Medical Journal


Background: Congenital heart disease is the most common congenital problem in children accounting for nearly 25% of all congenital malformations. Objectives: were performed to assess the nutritional status in children with operated CHD, evaluate the malnutrition status in children with operated CHD and to evaluate the daily caloric intake standards among acyanotic and cyanotic CHD children. Patients & Methods: included 68 children with acyanotic and cyanotic operated CHD at least 3 months post operatively. Mean age of children in this study was 2.33 months, ranged from 5 month to 5.8 years and most 52.9% were male. That disagreed was conducted a study on CHD children aged 3 months to 16 years on some of growth parameters. Results: our results we found, all CHD children underwent an anthropometric evaluation (weight, length and head circumference) at presentation, the mean weight was 10.67kg, the mean head circumference was 45.55cm, the mean length was 84.29cm and the mean of mid arm circumference was 13.43cm . Regarding the body mass index (BMI) for age of CHD children > 2years, the mean of BMI was 14.6 kg/m2. Conclusion: the malnutrition in children with operated congenital heart disease is a major problem in pediatric hospital of Zagazig university as the prevalence of malnutrition among those children was high.



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