Zagazig University Medical Journal


Background and Objective: The huge assortment of accessible similar preliminaries gave very opposing ends that has made it hard to find out the best methodology for Contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) anticipation in clinical practice. So this investigation meant to find compelling preventive system for CIAKI through assessing the adequacy of rousavastatin and atorvastatin after PCI. Methods: Non-Randamized controlled trail of patients experiencing PCI done at Zagazig University and Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital. Subjects were arranged into 3 goups : group I incorporate 79 patients getting 40 mg rosuvastatin ,group II incorporate 79 patients getting 80 mg of atorvastatin ultimately group III 79 patients who didn't get high stacking portion of statins before essential PCI. Results: The rate of CIN was essentially higher among control group when contrasted against those getting statin stacking portion. Besides, CIN was related with age > 60 years , hypertension or DM , those patient with EF 1 mgdl (p < /p>



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