Journal of the Arab American University مجلة الجامعة العربية الامريكية للبحوث

Journal of the Arab American University  مجلة الجامعة العربية الامريكية للبحوث


This study aimed at investigating the reality of teaching practice at An-Najah National University and Al-Quds Open University from the students-teachers’ perspectives, TEFL Majors. To achieve this aim, the researchers used a 40-item questionnaire which was classified into four domains including the co-operation of the cooperating school, the effectiveness of the university supervisor, evaluating the students-teachers and the suitability of the theoretical content for the school practical issues. The sample of study consisted of 84 male and female students-teachers, selected randomly from An-Najah National University and Al-Quds Open University. This number shapes (68.3%) of the total population. In collecting and analyzing the data necessary for the study, the researchers used different statistical procedures including SPSS, means, standard deviation and one-way ANOVA in order to check the effect of the study variables. The results of the study showed no statistical differences amongst the members of the sample due to gender, accumulative average and university. In addition, it showed that the reality of practicum course in both universities is not that wishful. In the light of the findings of the study, the researchers recommended the following: Increasing the number of credit hours for the teaching practice course, specifying suitable and unified content for the practicum course in all the faculties of educations in the Palestinian universities. Additionally, conducting other research in other universities that offer teaching practice courses locally or regionally is another important recommendation.