Journal of the Arab American University مجلة الجامعة العربية الامريكية للبحوث

Journal of the Arab American University  مجلة الجامعة العربية الامريكية للبحوث


Herein, stacked layers of germanium oxide comprising silver oxide nanosheets are used to fabricate multifunctional electronic devices. The performance of these devices is enhanced by altering the thickness of Ag2O nanosheets. The effect of

Ag2O nanosheets on the electronic performance of stacked layers of GeO2 is reported. The three stacked layers (GeO2/Ag2O/GeO2; named GAG) which are coated onto Al substrates under a vacuum pressure of 10-5 mbar are subjected to measurements by X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron, X-ray fluorescence, impedance spectroscopy, capacitance –voltage and current-voltage characteristics techniques. The impedance spectroscopy analysis indicates that altering the thickness of the Ag2O layer in the range of 25-75 nm could successfully engineer the operation ranges of the GAG devices. When operated as band pass/reject filters in the frequency domain of 0.01-1.80 GHz, the device shows the existence of three pass lines near and above 1.0 GHz. In addition, a controllable negative capacitance effect accompanied with resonance-antiresonance phenomena is observed in the studied frequency domains. On the other hand, investigations of the capacitance-voltage characteristics revealed metal-oxide-semiconductor-fields effect transistor characteristics displaying PMOS and NMOS channels under reverse and forward basing conditions, respectively.

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