Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed at identifying the impact of human capital maintained by members of the family occupying position of influence on the performance of the family businesses. The study also tackled the human capital they can maintain through education, experience, and training44 The study population consisted of the 2007 family companies in the Hebron Governorate registered with the Ministry of National Economy. A random sample of (275) companies was selected, a questionnaire was used to obtain data, and (213) questionnaires were returned. The sample unit was the founder or executive officer of the family company. The main results revealed that there was a strong relationship (0.93) between human capital and performance; education had the strongest impact on performance, followed by experience while the impact of training was limited. Finally, the most important criterion of performance was the survival of the company, then growth, while satisfaction with profits was weak. The study proposed a number of recommendations for the family companies: pay more attention to aspects that revealed weaknesses, mainly the low education level, members training.