Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The purpose of this study was to investigate the practice of the managerial styles and its role on skills utilization among the employees of the secretariat of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Riyadh. 250 questionnaires were distributed and 170 completed questionnaires were returned and were used for statistical analysis. The first instrument used was managerial practice survey used by (Aboyassin, 2005) to assess managerial styles, and the second instrument used was skills utilization questionnaire used by (Al Yahya, 2005) designed to assess and measure level of employee’s skills utilization. The overall mean value for control and participative dimensions were average, and the overall mean value for skills utilization was high, and there was positive average relationship between the overall managerial styles, participative dimensions and skills utilization dimension, and weak positive relationship between control dimension and skills utilization dimension. Recommendations were presented based on the analysis and findings.