Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed to investigate the impact of the application of strategic planning and human resources on the performance of the public shareholding in Jordan companies three their sectors (financial, services and industrial), and so from the standpoint of the senior management directors and managers of functional units (human resources, marketing, finance and accounting, human resource management and planning) . The strategic planning of human resources through the measurement of the extent of the application of the integration of human resource planning, strategic planning, and through strategic engagement for human resource managers in the strategic planning process. As has been measuring performance through profitability and market value-added, and the researchers conducted a survey of all public shareholding registered in the Securities Commission in Jordan for the year 2009 companies, reached through to the 58 companies only apply strategic planning and human resources planning together. Formed on the whole sample, has apologized to six companies, including participation in the study. 230 questionnaires were distributed in 52 companies of the surveyed companies, and adopted 203 questionnaires for the purposes of statistical analysis. It also has been used a number of statistical methods most important multiple regression coefficient, and analysis of variance. The researchers found that there is statistically significant effect of strategic planning and human resources on the profitability of companies, and added to the market value of the shares. As well as the presence of significant differences between the three sectors tend to favor the financial sector.