Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Research is concerned with theoretical foundation of accreditation and quality assurance in higher education. It also concerned with analyze experience and results of check and evaluation the merit of colleges, in one Iraqi university, to get accreditation in accordance with standards of Association of Arab Universities (AARU).There are many objectives for the study: present and discuss conceptual and theoretical frameworks for accreditation and corresponding concepts, particularly quality assurance in higher education, analysis trends of development at accreditation practices in higher education in Iraq, and assessment the process of check and evaluation merit of colleges of one Iraqi universities (Alanbar University as a case study) to get accreditation.The most important conclusions are: there is overlap between the concepts of accreditation and quality assurance in higher education at the theoretical concepts level and at practices level, real experience of Iraq in the field of accreditation originate after 2003 and it focused on obtaining accreditation from outside Iraq, from prominent regional and international organizations, and the experience of Alanbar University in check and evaluation the merit of its colleges to get institutional accreditation was distinctive from many aspect, especially in its contribution for planning to development and improvement.