Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The case of protecting the environment became tops concerns of governments, organizations, locally and internationally because of the impact of the growing environmental awareness of communities as a result the emergence of many natural phenomena in the environment such as desertification, rising temperatures, etc., resulting from the various activities of human and from industrial activity, characterized pleased with the start exhaust irrational natural resources due to the aspirations of those countries to the rapid development and the accompanying or resulting collapse of a huge amount of Variety waste and waste liquid or solid or gaseous, which poses to the environment without realizing what the negative resulting impact phenomena represented by the above. This image, which caused rapid orientation of government and international at the legislative level, conventions and conferences to address these phenomena by virtue of their responsibilities towards people, and the problem the same time put pressure on the various organizations, including the industry to take responsibility for the phenomenon of industrial pollution and push it to make serious attempts to search for entries Proactive in this direction focused on the adoption of the principle of rationalization in the use of raw materials, energy and water, which crystallized the emergence of the concept of environmental design of the product as one of the entrances to the direction of this as the Iraqi industrial organizations not far from its global counterpart with respect to the negative effects caused by various activities represented pollutants as survey conducted by the researcher for a number of them in the province of Nineveh - Iraq.Therefore, this research has come to represent an attempt to shed light on the level of contribution to environmental design of the product and detection of degrees of the relative importance of key environmental considerations in the design of the commodity and the length of their life cycle, which focuses on reducing the use of raw materials, energy, water and production of pollutants and waste less reuse and recycling as well as for reducing the environmental impacts of the product after putting it forward as waste toward the opposite phenomenon of industrial pollution suffered by the Iraqi environment through a prospective study to the attention of the administrative leadership in the spinning & weaving factory in Mosul, the adoption of checklist prepared by the Center for British Business World, which has been modified some of its paragraphs to suit the objectives of the research were subjected answers those managers to paragraphs of the analysis, which revealed a disparity in the relative importance attached by management plant under examination at the so-called keys to environmental design of the product approved by the research, along the life cycle of the product, as I have those results to get the raw material represents a pivotal moment in a series of stages that session have interactions different with the rest of the keys to the other stages in the sense that they stage is not independent from the rest of the other stages, and on that basis was provided a set of proposals for the factory to support this approach to research on the phenomenon of industrial pollution