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The interaction Between lean manufacturing, Agile manufacturing, Quality Systems, and Performance cause to achieve quick response to the Customer need and desire in Efficiency an Effectiveness and this combine named “Manufacturing interaction theory“ which contribute to improve the manufacturing Organization performance. The suggest roadmap to manufacturing strategy in Iraq consist the basis to develop Iraqi manufacturing in the third millennium. The Enhance Business performance In the Industrial sector in Mosul city in Iraq which contribute in the advancement of Iraq which contain many resources and experience , skills in the manufacturing area. And may be Industrial revolution after In factories breakdown because the difficult circumstances which can use basically some modern system & manufacturing philosophy, the proposed system and the theory suggested assets to solve many Industrial sector problem to compact the global. Competitive and speed and quick response to upper the Iraq manufacturing and quality Improvement. Applied each manufacturing systems individual world not achieve excellent result, thus Roadmaps and which manufacturing systems advantages which we approved in the statistical analysis with correlation regression between dependent variable and independent variable we can calculate The direct and indirect effect we arrive many Contusion and recommendation. The first conclude refer the interaction relationship between Agile manufacturing and lean manufacturing, the second conclude refer, the interaction relationship between Agile manufacturing and six sigma. The third results which obtain from cluster analysis appear the agile manufacturing and Business performance conform the Basic cluster which advantage of same specification and occur quality transformation in Business performance. But lean manufacturing and Agile manufacturing the second cluster ,then the Road to Agile manufacturing passed form lean manufacturing and then from the first and second cluster related with quality system which represent the third cluster , and the path analysis appear the relationship interchange between Quality system and Agile and lean manufacturing and Business performance which prove a clean signal the truth of the suggest roadmap this article discuss the Capability, Implementation then Suggest theory of manufacturing in ready made ware factory in mosul, to leverage the productivity and Quality we adopt many quantative methods in this articles like SPSS, Smart PLS2., the researcher test the hypothesis which contain the relationship and effects between main variable of the research,