Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Poverty and its relation to all forms of corruption have been on top of topics that have occupied the global researches like no other topic or issue. While people pay more attention to poverty as a human phenomenon, in addition there in no country in the world that did not experience poverty, so that it became an issue that expresses the historical unity of any country. Corruption is a widespread phenomenon in all political systems whether in developing or developed countries; however, it increases clearly in the Middle East and Africa region. Corruption and lack of transparency and integrity is a multifaceted phenomenon with economic, political and social dimensions, as corruption disadvantages the poor disproportionately. (World Bank, 1990: 41 - 42). Research Theme: • Poverty is a global phenomenon ever known by all the people and countries as well as this phenomenon contribute to the creation of many problems, including malnutrition, the spread of diseases and ignorance, hence this research should discuss the following question: Is there a causal connection between poverty and corruption in Egypt?