Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


Using a qualitative approach, this study aims to clarify the concept of administrative leadership development and leader’s development. It also aims to offer a theoretical model of leadership development strategy in government organizations. The findings of this study include the following: A shift in the concept of the development of administrative leadership in the government organizations is required; from focusing on the individual skills of the administrative leader to forming a leadership model based on participation and integration with the rest of the leaders based on a comprehensive vision that goes beyond the boundaries of individual organization, The importance of environmental content to set the frame for the development of administrative Leadership, what fits the organization or country may not be appropriate for all else, so the leadership development strategy has to be build based on Arab culture, social heritage and their values. Government organizations no longer operate in isolated zone, because of the increasing number of crises, disasters, as well as the increasing expectations of their beneficiaries, which requires working through an integrative interrelationships and exchange of information among decision makers. The leadership development strategy should base on the current and future challenges, and from there we determine necessary skills for leaders. Government organizations are connected to public policies and work within its boundaries, and the role of government organization leaders still remains to participate in making and implementing public policies. Strategic thinking is an important skill for leaders to successfully implement leadership development strategy. Self-awareness is a primary skill in the individual level of the leadership development strategy. Building social networks between leaders in an organization is critical in the departmental level of the leadership development strategy. Department level in the leadership development strategy also builds on issues that contribute in forming the strategic direction, change to adapt with crises in order to achieve sustainability. Sector level in the leadership development strategy depends on building trust and integration between government organizations, and establishing sustainable partnership between government organizations and both private, and philanthropic sectors Finally, the study offers some recommendations that may contribute to improving the concept of leadership development strategy.