Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study was designed to study the quality and quality of the work environment to match the objectives and vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and the National Transition Program 2020 and the aspirations of leadership in the development, empowerment and development of human resources, especially with the launch of the King Salman Human Resources Development Program, The development of human resources in the Kingdom, the development of its functional capacities, and the preparation and building of leaders, in view of the importance of human resources development to enhance the economy’s ability to generate employment, enhance its competitiveness and drive development. The study aimed at benefiting from the ideas of the employees, making them effective individuals in the processes of change, thus improving the quality of the career in the government sector, and identifying the impact of quality of life on the performance of the government sector in the Kingdom. The aim was to identify the best practices implemented by the Kingdom’s governmental institutions to improve the quality of their careers and the impact on their employees’ performance. The study used descriptive analytical methodology, which aims to provide data and facts about the problem. The research community consists of three governmental institutions in Saudi Arabia: the Ministry of Justice, the King Faisal University and the Royal Commission in Jubail. The study found some results, including that employment in the public sector is hampered by many obstacles, and that it exists Problems with the working environment, which are poor management, and how to deal with subordinates. The study recommended that attention be given to the appropriate job environment, the need to pay attention to the material aspects of the employee, to take care of the psychological aspects of the employee, to select the administrative leaders capable of using effective and successful leadership strategies, and to provide training courses on a regular basis to the employees.