Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The core of measurement philosophy focus on “if you can measure it you can manage it, if you can manage it you can implement it. The analysis of some cases studies that interested in implementing the strategy in Public organizations we can discover there are a lot of Problems face measurement Process in the organizations especially in governmental sector. These problems back to the organization don’t have a real methodology for implementing the strategy. To build efficiency approach for management and measurement strategy that is required a clear strategic plan and a specific goals, can translate into action. We must know the organization problems not only in formulating the strategy but in implanting it also, and the big Problem in governmental organizations are continuous evaluation, the reason of that is the lack of coordination between the organizational unit or bodies. In most times, when evaluate the strategy implementation, we discover there is no alignment, Alignment means direct all staff in the organization ahead for the goal and reduce the conflict between the organization goals and Personal objectives, also sometimes we find many organizations ignore the non-tangible assets, although it is very important in value add, According to Kaplan and Norton, 75% of the value that organizations achieve come from nontangible assists , also many organizations neglect the concept of Public Since, although it is very important in achieving the success and sustainable development in the governmental organizations. The strategy map playing strong role in helping the organizations to achieve the alignment and the coordination in the organization to help it to translate their strategy into objectives and activities, also helps the organization to formulate and build criteria and key performance indicators (KPI’s) that guide the organization to know is it in track or out of track and take the right correction at the right time in case of the deviations. This research concentrate on diagnosis the status quo, identify building strategy map phases and suggest vision for implanting the alignment in governmental organizations. The aim of this vision help the organizations to success in implementing the strategy, designing the key performance Indicators, Reduce the execution Problems and draw clear big picture about the strategy.