Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


This study aimed to identify the role of the strategic planning in crisis management in the governmental institutions in Palestine, according to (gender, position, age, and experience years) variables. A questionnaire of (28) Sampling Units was prepared to achieve the aim of the study. The items were workers in the governmental institutions whose number is (63319) male and female , according to the statistics of Palestinian Statistics Institution, (386) of them, male and female, were chosen as the sample of the study, The study inferred that the extent of the strategic planning in crisis management was fair which means that there is a role for strategic planning in crisis management, as the government institutions pay attention for attending Conferences and special sessions concerning crisis management so as to update its data in that field. Also, the efficiency and effectiveness of the strategic planning was fair (maiden), which means that the strategic planning is effective, and efficient. It is essential according to the study to have connection between the strategic planning Specialists and its performers, which transfer the plans from the theoretical side to the practical one effectively. Among the vital recommendations of the study are attracting experts and specialists out the institution when shaping the crisis management’s team, and supplying a special team for dealing with crisis and confronting them in the governmental institutions.