Arab Journal of Administration المجلة العربية للإدارة


The main objective of this research is to build and test the model that explains the impact of the relationship between high containment management practices to reduce functional stress, which we propose in light of the literature review of the research variables, which emphasized the role of high containment management principles in achieving sustainable competitive advantage that paves the way for achieving organizational success; and that the organizations’ efforts to achieve this goal required them to reduce the pressures of work through these principles. To achieve this, the researchers presented a theoretical presentation of the concepts of (management of high containment and functional pressures) in which the virtual relationships between the two variables are studied. These relationships were tested using a number of statistical methods: arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentages, spearman, simple regression, and Mann Whitney. The results of the analysis were used to confirm the validity of the research hypotheses, most notably: the existence of a negative correlation between the principles of higher containment management and dimensions of career pressure, as well as the negative impact of the higher principles of containment management and the dimensions of job pressure. Based on the findings of the study, a number of recommendations were made, namely: 1- bolstering human resources practices represented in the principles of high containment management, which help in obtaining the outstanding work outputs, 2- administrative leaders of the investigated company should address the causes of stress to eliminate or reduce work pressure suffered by employees in the investigated company.