Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات

Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies  البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات


The advertisement is no longer an idea designed and presented to the public. Rather, it has become instrumental in the process of achieving persuasion and attracting interest in the product and its worth. After the introduction of computer software for advertising, the elements and the technical aspects of advertising have become decisive in determining the success of any advertisement. As such, the problem that the research presents is based on a set of questions. The most important question is whether the level of manually executed advertisement are different from those based on the computer and whether they have any mental impact. The aim of the research is to detect the differences between the manual-based advertisement and the computer-based ones. lt also discusses operational techniques used in the computer-based advertisements. The researcher adopted the analytical descriptive method for analyzing the advertisement samples that reached 70 of the total research society (200 advertisements). The research offers a set of conclusions and recommendations. There is a clear variation in the level of manually executed advertisements and digitally executed advertisements in terms of design and output. There is also a need to adopt both old designing methods like having a painter, and modern methods based on computer graphics. The use of both modern techniques especially in the field of technical drawings and traditional techniques can result in worthy advertisements.



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