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Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies  البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات

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A Review of Public Transport Service in Jordan: Challenges and Opportunities


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Jordans public transport (PT) system is characterized by low quality. Jordanian Citizens are reluctant to use the PT unless they have no other option. This paper aims to examine legislative framework for transport system and its effect on the system. It also aims to analyze factors affecting the sector and make suggestion to develop it. All legislations governing the system since the founding of the Kingdom of Jordan were reviewed including points of weakness in those legislations. Data on PT were collected locally and globally for comparison and were analyzed statistically. Results showed that PT vehicles/1000people in Jordan is low compared to international indicators (0.88 compared with 2.66); PT share is 33; fare in Jordan is the lowest compared to 12 European cities ($0.47 compared to 2.57). Fares in Jordan cover operation cost compared to nearly half of the cost in 56 cities. User satisfaction index did not exceed 60 percent and it is related to low service spatial coverage. Investment in transport is low; there is a need for innovative funding; engaging private sector, and developing the public transport system and legislation.