Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات

Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies  البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات


The main purpose of robbing freedom is represented in rehabilitation of the convicted Person according to the modern Punishment Policy and making him ready to live normally which goes with the law rules. That cant be achieved unless there is a disciplinary system in the punitive organization to be sure that rehabilitating methods are applied without hinders. In order to achieve that, a group of disciplinary punishments must be applied on those who want to rebel against the organization system. These punishments must be implemented in human ways that keep the dignity and feelings of the sentenced person and goes with modern development which happened to robbing freedom on the disciplinary system in the punitive organization. Supporting the system in the punishment organization is not restricted on imposing disciplinary punishments, there must be another method to be used by the punitive Punishment to support this system such as presenting rewards to those who behave well from the prisoners . The modern legislations focused on its forms and they aim at the same purpose which the disciplinary punishments aim at and it connects with it strongly, which can be considered two elements into one system. That has a significant role in the modern punitive system.



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