Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات

Al-Balqa Journal for Research and Studies  البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات


The study examines the most important issues of linguistic deletion in the poetry of Al-Maari, and examines the positions of linguists and grammar from the places of deletion that have been observed in his poetry, and also monitor the deletion sites that included all sections of Arabic speech noun and verb and character. The study aims to study some of the deletions of a semantic study that indicates the moral purpose of imposing the deletion of a part of the word; to be a linguistic deletion objectively equivalent to the semantic intent evoked by the poet SOUL. The researcher adopted Statistics Descriptive Analysis method; he monitored the conspicuous deletions in Seqt al-Zand book, then described the location of the deletion, and the market of the opinions of the linguists and the grammar and the similarities in the language of the Arabs. The research has shown the prevalence of the deletion in all parts of speech in the poetry of Al-Maari. The research also identified some of the significant linguistic deletions in its style or its scarcity in Arabic speech. This indicates the extent to which Al-Mari is acquainted with language and literature and his uniqueness in constructing poetic text. The study also showed the strong correlation between the linguistic structure of the Maari and the poetic content on which Al-Mari built his poetry. This was shown in the remarkable proportion between linguistic deletion and semantic content in the context of deletion. The deletion with its linguistic characteristics and its semantic changes was a fundamental pillar of the understanding of the poetic construction of Abu Ala al-Maari; Which is the sense of loss and isolation is the cornerstone of his view of life and existence, the search for the deletion in the poetry of Al-Maari necessarily saves the reader to a broader and more comprehensive understanding of the philosophy of loss in the mind of Maari.



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