Al Jinan الجنان

Publication Ethics Statement

Publishing policies

1- All submitted articles are first assessed by the editorial board to decide the article’s eligibility for peer review, and the board has the right to reject the paper by providing the reasons.
2. All submitted articles are evaluated and peer reviewed anonymously. The author is then informed if his paper is accepted, rejected or needs revision.
3. The editorial board sends back the article that needs major revision to the author to make the required changes recommended by reviewers. The author sends a detailed report upon resubmission, clarifying changes made to the revised version. In case he didn’t take into consideration one of the reviewer’s recommendations that were not agreed upon by all reviewers, he should explain his decision.
4.The article must be original, authentic, significant, written clearly without mistakes and accurately documented.
5.The article shouldn’t be part of any previously published article, and the author has to submit a written report as a proof.
6.The article should comply with the international regulations and policies of academic research.