Al Jinan الجنان


The semantic impact on the diversity of parsing according to Abi- Ja'far ANNaḥaas: An applied study on Surat Al Ma'idah (The Repast) The current paper studies the relationship between the meaning and its various parses in the holy Qura'n. The study has taken the parsing moods of Chapter 5 )Surat) Al Ma'idah )The Repast) from the book named 'i9raab Al-Quran' by Abi Ja'far Al-Naḥaas as a typical example of application to demonstrate this relation. First, the parsing forms of controversial verses in chapter 5 were confined. The diversity of perspectives of parsing these forms among scholars were discussed in light of the meaning resulted of their disputes. Findings revealed that the meaning is the prominent factor causes the diversity of parsing in the disputed positions )situations) of Surat Al Ma'idah