Al Jinan الجنان


This article mainly investigates the direct critical social aspects that determine the application of online banking in the market place. To be able to accomplish this mission, twelve theories are used to verify these major social aspects that shape this usage. To achieve the paper’s objective, the terms of online banking, consumer behavior and consumer social aspects in relation with these aspects are to be explained below; In addition a diversity of theories regarding this issue will be examined and explained in detail to clarify the core social factors underlining attitude formation toward online banking. This research will be divided into two main parts; The first part will discuss online banking and its details regarding concept, origin, and importance.
The second part will discuss general social factors that exist in a society and how factors may positively or negatively affect the attitude of online banking in the market through the clarification of the twelve theories. The aim of this study is to mention the major positive and negative factors that highlight the usage of online banking. This article will go over a list of theories to precise main factors that may
potentially affect in a direct or indirect way the usage of online banking and shape it in the market.