Al Jinan الجنان


This study is conducted under the title "The Umayyad Emirate House". This House is located at the southern and western sites of Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem. This House, which was the center of the Umayyad Administration, its landmarks were completely obliterated and a Torah Park and a museum were built on its ruins. This museum reflects the Jewish history and the park is a touristic place known by "Mataher Al Haykal". In the first chapter, the researcher handled the conquest of Jerusalem and the developments which occurred to this city during the peak of Islam and the Umayyad State: In the Second chapter, the researcher presented Jerusalem as the Capital of the Jond Palestine: In the Third chapter the researcher handled the discovery, monuments and building of the Umayyad House and its ruins: In the Fourth chapter the researcher handled the judaization of the Umayyad Emirate House, the obliteration of its landmarks and the construction of both a Torah park named »King David Park» and a museum on its ruins. This museum addresses the stages of the Jewish History in Palestine. Moreover, outside the current walls of Jerusalem, where the Umayyad Emirate House extends, a tourist station named "Mataher Al Haykal" was established as a station of the Talmudian Tourist Road which connects south Jerusalem to North Jerusalem passing through its Old City district. The action of distortion and obliteration of this Islamic site, as a part of the methodological judaization of the city, is considered a serious challenge and clear violation for all international conventions and treaties that recognize Jerusalem as an occupied city. Also, the constructions which were established on the Umayyad Emirate House is considered as an explicit infringement, breaching and unrightful desecration of the lands of Islamic Waqf in this Holy City.