Al Jinan الجنان


The study is intended to explore the impact of new global variables and their implications on managing human resources through conducting an analytical study on public shareholding industrial companies in Jordan. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, a questionnaire has been adopted to measure the independent study variables along with the new global variables and measure the dependent variables in terms of managing human resources and related implications.

The study subjects consist of public shareholding industrial companies, and the comprehensive exclusive approach has been used owing to the small size of the study population. A number of statistical methods are used in this study including mainly descriptive statistics, simple deviation, and Pearson's connection coefficient in order to determine the study findings. The study reached several major results as follows:

  1. The new global variables and their implications have an impact on human resources management and related aspects; particularly as the knowledge variable yields the largest impact on human resources management in public shareholding industrial companies.
  2. There is a poor utilization of human resources in industrial companies.
  3. There is a strong relationship between global variables and human resources management.

The study recommended the lifting of the organizational level of the Department of Human Resources and handled from a strategic perspective, work on developing a strategy employing human resources, increased attention to training and development and administrative leaders and workers to raise their efficiency to meet the new global challenges, the attention of the industrial companies in the global environmental changes and a shift toward reliance on information technology and communications and accumulation of knowledge to effectively cope with the new global variables.