Al Jinan الجنان


Students are exposed to various types of injuries at schools that need first aid. School-teachers are often the first individuals to witness and handle these injuries. Consequently, first aid competencies should be attained by school-teachers to save students’ life. This study was aimed to evaluate the effects of first aid educational intervention on students-teachers knowledge and attitudes in the Lebanese university, faculty of education. This study was conducted on a convenient sample of 50 students-teachers. Data were obtained via questionnaire used as pre/post-test, and a survey distributed to students-teachers to test their knowledge and attitudes. Concerning their first aid knowledge, the mean of the grades in pre-test was (14.32+ 4.58) and it was improved after the educational intervention to (21.84+2.44) in the post-test. Regarding their attitudes, all the students, before and after the educational intervention, had positive attitudes towards first aid. Also, the majority of them (90%) were very satisfied at the end of the intervention. A significant improvement in students’ knowledge after first aid educational intervention was seen. Moreover, students had positive feedback about the first aid educational intervention. It is recommended that first aid course be integrated in the curriculum of the faculty of education at Lebanese university.