Al Jinan الجنان


The education sector is grappling with a plethora of challenges that have compelled scholars and practitioners to begin looking for a solution. Artificial intelligence (AI) is among the proposed solutions that is having significant attention lately. However, its adoption in the education sector remains low because of challenges, such as lack of proper trials, testing, and recommendation for its applicability in the sector. This article seeks to explore the role and potentiality of AI in improving education. A systematic review design is used for this purpose. The methodology corresponds with the rapid survey protocol of Khangura (2012) which provides an eight-step systematic research literature review of several studies that have been carried out on the embedment of artificial intelligence in education. This article concludes that AI could play an instrumental role by developing a digital curriculum, automating basic educational activities, and adopting Chat-bot related Apps. Implications for future research are provided to form the basis for further and future studies.