Al Jinan الجنان


The aim of this study is to examine population growth rates, and housing needs of Irbid city. For this purpose, the study took into consideration the housing needs in Irbid city. The study based on population census data used certain quantitative method to estimate population growth rates.and population projections in future , The annual decay rate of houses, and counted housing need resulted from decreasing occupancy rate to 2.5 person/room.

The analysis of the study showed that the district witnessed rapid population growth. For instance, the population growth rate was 4.17% during 1979-1994. while it decreased to 2.05% during 1994-2004. The study, as a result, found that is 9.3% of population have occupancy rates of more than 3.5 person/room in the district. However, the study explained that the estimated housing needs for the whole district is 29684 housing unit during 2004-2024, which equals 1484 housing units annually.