Al Jinan الجنان


The objective of this study is to highlight the importance of Modern Management Strategies and their impact on education in Lebanese universities. The study included 171 participants who work as deans, faculty members and heads of departments of Lebanese universities. This study summarized the importance of Modern Management Strategies like )Strategic Planning, Internal Audit, Total Quality Management, Leadership Styles and Human Resources Management( and how such strategies help in improving the Lebanese higher education’s performance by focusing on its system’s development. The study also identified some challenges and weaknesses that universities face like: lack of strategic planning, lack of total quality management, absence of internal audit, lack of HR role and lack of effective leadership. Furthermore, the study included some recommendations to enhance the use of modern management strategies and their applications for the development of the Lebanese higher education system, including: developing a comprehensive strategic plan for higher education institutions, activating human resource management, supporting programs related to training, leadership development, and performance incentives, establishing internal audit unit and implementing its role in reducing potential risks, capturing opportunities for improvement and applying quality control measures.