Al Jinan الجنان


This research focuses on employees who are not sufficiently motivated. It focuses on how gender, age, and organization type affect frustration of insufficiently motivated employees, their tendency to conflict with their employers, and the complexity of the conflict. A questionnaire was distributed to accessible employees in different private and public organizations in Saudi Arabia. The number of participants is 211. The data analysis that was performed included independent samples T-Test, and linear regression test. The analysis reveals that there are no differences between females and males regarding frustration and conflicts with employers. However, conflicts that involve females are more complicated than those that involve males. The organization type does not have any significant impact on frustration, the conflict with the employer, or on the complexity of the conflict. Finally, the analysis shows that there is a positive significant relationship between age and frustration, and between age and the complexity of the conflict. The findings of this research add significant implications to the literature.