Al Jinan الجنان


The study aimed to identify the training needs of teachers of the Arabic language in the second episode of basic education in two dimensions the first dimension of academic (scientific), and the second (educational dimension), where he reached the study sample (60) teachers of Arabic language teachers for grades eighth and ninth, working at the Ministry of Education in the province of Homs for the academic year (2013-2014).

Researcher prepared a questionnaire consisting of 36 items distributed on two dimensions (Academic -Eductional), and has the statistical treatment using the program (spss) and the results showed that Arabic language teachers in the second episode of basic education for grades eighth and ninth more need for training on functional expression, and Arabic prose and arts in the academic side (scientific), and determine the appropriate teaching methods, and to diversify depending on the educational situation, and the preparation of interim and final Calendar, in the (educational). The study recommended the need to design training programs for Arabic language teachers in the second cycle of basic education in the light of their

actual needs, and the intensification of training courses related to the academic specialization for the Study of the Arabic language, especially when introduced from subjects in the Arabic language curricula new, also recommended that include training courses for teachers of the Arabic language newer methods to develop specific treatment plans, and the preparation of objective and essay tests, according to the specifications table.