Al Jinan الجنان


This study aimed to identify the impact of computerized management information systems on the performance of employees In the mobile communications company, and to achieve the objectives of the study was designed, developed a questionnaire consisting of (3) items for the purpose of data collection and measurement variables of the study. It was relying on the statistical package SPSS, using the following statistical methods: descriptive statistics measurements, multiple regression analysis, Spearman correlation coefficient and analysis of variance. The study reached the following findings and having the effect of a statistically significant with the requirements of the operation and management of administrative computerized information systems (physical, software, human, organizational) on the performance of employees in the mobile telecommunications company, and no statistically significant differences between the perceptions of respondents about «the impact of the administrative computerized information systems the performance of employees in the mobile telecommunications company, due to demographic variables (education level, years of experience, the workplace, the functional level The study concluded that a set of recommendations including the following: 1. The need for continuity keep pace with technological developments in the field of management information systems and to ensure that the use of modern devices and sophisticated software. 2. attention to the availability of modern networks and work to resolve network problems such as outages and slow connection, which came within the results of the study problems. sessions for users of information relating to operational and applied software technology to increase user awareness of the capabilities of the hardware and software used and the lack of focus on how to use them.