Al Jinan الجنان


In specifying the problem of this research, the researcher started in analyzing the current situation of environment in Syria which clarify the negative effects caused by the different kinds of pollutants. Therefore, there should be powerful means in order to increase the awareness towards the environmental issues, that means are the mass media. And because television is the most widely spread public media, the researcher wanted to study The Media Role of The Syrian Television In Spreading The Environmental Awareness. The researcher used the survey method in its two different types; "the descriptive and the analytical" in order to analyze the content of the media message that the media presents to the public which is related to the environmental awareness. To do so, he used acontent analysis " was applied upon 12 sequence episodes of the TV program " man & the Environment" and this lasts for three months starting in 1-1-2010 and ending in 1-4-2010. At the end, the researcher came out with a lot of important results. Some of them are:

The length of the broadcasting period of the TV program (Man& the Environment) is not sufficient and the time it broadcasts in is not suitable. 2. There is an obvious absence of the decision-makers to talk in this program. 3. The environmental programs broadcasting in Syrian Arab television are not sufficient. 4. The program’s declining interest in air and water pollution issues, agricultural pesticides, logging, overgrazing and plastic bags. 5. The verbal material alone, not accompanied by pictures, slides or other materials, prevailed in the way the program was presented.