Al Jinan الجنان


Endowment in Islam is one of the charitable and rewarding deeds and has a great impact on community service, and the solidarity among its members, leading to the growth of charitable institutions. Endowment also contributes to the economy of countries and institutions, so it benefits them with the revenues from which they spend on their operating expenses. The motivation to write this research came as a response to people refraining from making endowments or giving them any attention. In this research, I explained the modern and old endowment banks for the purpose of encouraging charitable people to make endowments. This research is also intended to show the significance and positive implications of endowment as preserving the society, fulfilling its needs and managing its affairs, including the preservation of the scientific point of view and helping the vulnerable, which leads to social cohesion. This is part of the greatness of Islam in addressing pressing issues to people and humanity.