Al Jinan الجنان


In light of the acceleration of contemporary human life at all levels, the matrimonial institution faces in Lebanon a large number of challenges and difficulties due to digital development and unlimited openness, so that this institution is no longer the basic building block to instill values and adjust the rhythm of life as it was before, but perhaps It has become the weakest link in that process, as it faces a process of fragmentation by many modern electronic means and others, as it may no longer be as strong and cohesive as it has in a previous crisis, so that everyone has a special world who is isolated from him and in it. This study gives importance to the theme of social networks and the institution of marriage, where it aims to highlight the extent to which married couples use social networks, and the level of impact of these networks on them far from penetrating and breaking into the walls of houses. Through a descriptive approach to this phenomenon by distributing a random sample to 200 individuals from Lebanon. The study concluded that the sample studied uses networks intensively, especially married couples, although it acknowledges that these networks do not support the institution of marriage and despite the seriousness in case of excessive use, which calls for reason and strengthening the religious and moral aspect during use.