Al Jinan الجنان


White collars crimes are considered one of the most serious dilemmas facing the modern world, due to the emergence of many criminal organizations and the expansion of their illegal activity as a result of the development of means of transportation, communication and information technology. Therefore, this made it easier for these organizations to exploit this development to their advantage, making it difficult for individual countries to fight this type of organized crime, which led to the need of international cooperation in combatting them. These crimes are increasing by number every day and are no longer occurring in developing countries only, but they reached developed countries as well, making them the most prominent problems facing the international community, as they constitute a major challenge to the judiciary organs, whether in discovering them, pursuing them or even combating them.
White collar crimes reap huge profits, often from illegal sources such as drug or arms trafficking or money laundering or even administrative corruption, and other forms that we will address in this research. The importance of the research lies in emphasizing the increase in the number of white collar crimes in societies, which threatens the development process and the future of countries’ economy.
Therefore, it was necessary to study them and address their concept and effects, in order to propose some legal means to combat and limit thim