Al Jinan الجنان


Risks Environmental Management engage an increasing number of persons from different fields .The management and safeguarding of our environment by business not only an important issue in today’s society ,but also a challenge for the different enterprises to turn environmental concerns into new business opportunities .In this respect ,Risks Environmental Management is key element in achieving developing countries .Better access to good quality information and Environmental data is prerequisite for improved Risks Environmental Management .
This research aims to describe how information technology can be used in Risks Environmental Management ? Through the answers based on the questions that research in Environmental activities produces high quality data and information .It focuses on how to improve the distribution and retrieval of such information ,but the environmental practice ,availability varies and unclear environmental policies for acc .The research has consists of two sides ,one is theoretical we collected it information form the new books resources .The second side ,is practical and the information about it is collected form the general company of vegetable oils industry . The finding led to a number of recommendations same of them were :- • The managerial leadership will have to be increasingly aware of the implications of environmental legislation on their business ,they will have to decide on product and process changes to comply with new regulation ,introduce environmental audits and impact assessment . • A reach engine and database with all the relevant environmental information from the company ,and this activity must be do by the environmental risks management .