Al Jinan الجنان


The Arab World has been witnessing many peaceful revolutions that call for changing or toppling their regimes as a result of despair and frustration from any possible internal and democratic change. Many political, sociological and psychological analysts addressed this new phenomenon in the Arab World, pointing out different causes of such revolutions. However, no one has mentioned the religious dimension according to which any regime built on non-religious bases - however strong it is - is inevitably going to collapse. Thus, this study tackles the topic from a Quranic perspective, pointing out the fundamentals of the Islamic rule that for centuries controlled a large part of the world. The study also tackles the principles upon which Allah destroyed these despotic regimes in spite of being strongly established in the land, as portrayed in the Quran, and thus, uncovering their pretence as being Islamic or based on Share'a. The study concludes that the power the toppled regimes gained did not help in giving large control to them in spite of their continuous tyranny and despotism, and their weak and submissive people. This is true in the light of Allah's Sunna And Allah has full power and control over His affairs, but most of men know not (Surat Yusuf, 21).